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Monday, April 10, 2017

All About The Gear.

Hey guys!

So on this Monday I actually have very little for you aside from being very over anxious to get out there and being told to wait or deal with crappy weather...all the time.

I think I'm might have to fight Choo for my bike because I don't think he wants me riding while he can't but that's kind of too bad considering that he would ride without me all the time last year as well as take my bike whenever he felt like it so I was left at home not being able to ride.

Not this year...

Don't get me wrong I'm ok with him riding it, just not taking it whenever he feels like it because she's mine not his.

Does that sound wrong?

It is what it is I guess but since I haven't been able to ride yet and I have my new Outlaw helmet  in bright pink with a skull and crossbones on the side that I'm absolutely dying to wear. Most of my gear I've gotten through and On Line site called Leather.Up In the beginning I wasn't sure where to go for the stuff I needed or wanted. All of the stores were a bit of a drive or they were Sport bike based and I most definitely did not have a Sport bike. So as I was trying to get enough stuff together to be safe on my ride I came across the site and the prices were decent so I started there.

I already had a Jacket gifted to my by Lo and a vest from Choo so I still needed the rest from my feet to my head. So I started with my head of course and from Outlaw first off was my Outlaw T-70 Purple Butterfly Glossy Motorcycle Half Helmet.

Still love it but wanted the more Retro style this year with my Open face helmet which is no longer available and I suddenly feel lucky that I got this one when I did!
Next was my boots. I didn't need everything all at once because I still had to write my learners so I tried to order what appealed to me like my Xelement 2469 Women's Black Advanced Lace up Motorcycle Boots.

I love them they are the most comfortable boots ever! Not like I tried many others but they're awesome.

Last but not least my gloves. They're fingerless because it's easier for me if I can feel the controls. It may not be safer but compared to what I see a lot of people ride lacking gear wise I think fingerless gloves are the least of my troubles so my also Xelement XG461 'Idol' Women's Black Fingerless Leather Gloves with Gel Padded Palms hug, cushion my hands and barely feel there.
I also got eye wear and another Vest there as well that are well enough but I would like to change out my glasses, they might work better with the Open-Faced helmet because they were a bit loose with my half helmet but you can never have too many pairs of those.

All photos are from the Leathup site except for my pretty pink helmet (obviously) and links are included as well. I hope that all came out ok but I was excited to share!

Now as the sun comes out to tease my while I'm on my lunch break before it pours again I wish you a good week and a great ride!

See Ya
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