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Monday, November 14, 2016

The Backside Of Fall.

Hello Lovelies,

I'm home today and as I sit here watching The Breakfast Club ( yes guilty pleasure ) I'm glad the sun is shining as we go into the backside of Fall. The dogs are curled up in front of me and the house is practically empty. Practically meaning Brina isn't home and her presence amounts to double the occupants at any time because her energy is that encompassing. The house smells like Carrot muffins and making me realize how hungry I am now!

It's the little things right?

Saturday I watched PK for a bit and as he's almost 4 you can see how much more he understands and how smart he is. Besides the fact that he can be a monster he is very wise and logical for his age. Even though he is driven by emotion you can rationalize with him and that truly amazes me. You'd thing that the same revelation happened with raising mine but it was a long time ago that they were that age and being in it everyday is so much different than seeing him at one stage one day and then seeing him blow past it the next time I see him.

With Choo and Lo out doing their Charity things I spend more time working on the things that propel me forward you know the adult things and since the end of the year is approaching so quickly 6 weeks that's it, my thoughts get brought back to the past year and trying to improve on it in the next but that's Decembers chore...besides the holiday season that shall not be named. I'm toying with the idea of a New Years Eve pot luck or doing it in January to celebrate the new year, to add another annual tradition for the kids and make the Winter months less drab. I'm sure you'll know when I do.

So off I go to get some other work done. I just wanted to make sure I got something in this week!

Have a great week,

See ya,

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