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Monday, November 21, 2016

And The Kids Were All Right.

Happy Monday! Is something I won't say today.

I woke up, rolled over, checked the time and had a heart attack.

I slept in an hour past the time I usually do! Now I've done a half hour and still been ok but an hour??? You know the hard thing about waking up that late and being in a rush??? It's like the one time EVER that you can't get your dogs out of bed to go outside and even then I only got Smokey to go and he took forever. Then I'm thinking as I look at my laundry basket that has not only clean but mildly dirty clothes in it that I couldn't believe I forgot to do laundry...or fold laundry...or put away laundry and then realized that I actually could believe it as I dug around in a hurry. That's when Whiskey decided it was his time to go out.

OMG did I let him back in????

Well a text message home just clarified that I did in fact let the little dog back in before I left but...forgot my coffee, in the travel mug...on the table. Thanks Monday you're in rare form today! At least it's not raining...yet anyway. Ugh and I didn't bring an umbrella just in case. Oh well maybe some luck will be on my side. 😖

Anyway how was your weekend? Mine consisted of children PK and Coop.

I realized after a birthday party for a 2 year old at Jungle Jacks that...I'm old and children are crazy. Ok wait, some children are crazy. I got exhausted not just from watching them but watching their parents chase after them. I have to say that most of them had a good eye on their kids and there were a lot of kids.

My bestie and her husband switched off chasing after their son as most of the couples did and I noticed not only was the ratio of boys to girls 3-1 but that the men there as well outnumbered the women by 2-1 leading me to believe that it's the place for fathers to burn off the energy of their sons.

It was finally cold for November here and as you hit the front door of the place you get the wind blasting you from all sides but the view of the mountains with fresh snow on them made it almost serene...if you could open your eyes and look at them with tears streaming down your face. Go through the door and there is immediate sensory overload with squeals and screams of happiness. Not mine of course but at least they weren't screams of terror or tantrum It's been probably 18 - 20 years since I've been in a place like that and wow...memories as well as happiness that my kids are grown and I only have to show up and survive it.

Surprisingly there were very few screaming children. There were happy screaming kids and that would make me smile when I heard the happy squeals and really...some kids were pretty cute! The little girls in their cute dresses and pigtails and the boys...little lunatics but they were all having fun! Except this one little girl when we were checking in. She was the epitome of child drama. She wanted in the place and past the locked gate to get to the play area so badly and because of the wait to get in she was throwing herself on the floor and rolling around wailing in distress. Wailing I tell you and I laughed because her mother was laughing too.We get in and find some tables to push together, gather the chairs and what do I see but the same little girl who had finally gotten into the play area still wailing and rolling on the floor in front of her mother as she walked slowly behind her paying no one else any mind as she shook her head still smiling but before long her and her daughter were off and running. Besides the jungle apparatus there is an arcade, bumper cars, trampolines and a laser tag arena.

I got to play look out while my besties mom tied some elf legs together that were hanging out the back of a car. Hey we needed to have fun too you know...

 I did get to hang out with a couple of old friends and that was nice and see how their kids have grown. The last observation I made on the day was how many faces I see around my town everyday that were there with their children.

So I'm going to get back to cataloging my Monday through a series of disasters I'm sure that I'm destined to have today just to try my patience.

Have a great week!

See Ya
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