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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

When A Hole Is A Hole And Twins Are Ridiculous.

I hope you all had a good weekend!

It was pretty quiet in my little town. Barely any traffic and even emptier stores almost an eerie 'alien abducted my town' feeling. Some people were off camping and some at weddings while the weather couldn't make up it's mind on whether to rain or not the stormy feeling was there but not the actual storm we were expecting. An seeing as the work weeks here have been gorgeous and the weekends seem to suck we were praying to mother nature to shine a little light and she did in between dark looming clouds just to tease us outside for a stormy wind to make us go back in.

So we recap the!

Yesterday Lo and I had a little photo shoot with on of my stray kids Megan who is an aspiring photographer and can make any picture look amazing! We helped each other out. She gets more photos for her portfolio and we get pictures for our various needs. It was fun and it stopped raining long enough for the sun to come out briefly for us. Not to mention the old guy walking through the square that called Lo and I twins! she's like milk...and she actually drinks a lot of milk...whole milk. I'm surprised she doesn't weigh more than her tiny little self could carry. I am not like milk unless it's chocolate milk and I'm allergic so a bad comparison but we got the joke of the whole thing and he made us laugh really hard.

What else...oh ya!

We have had a sink problem for about 6 months where we can drain the sink upstairs because it leaks down into the laundry room right in between my washer and dryer. After us checking to see if we could fix it ourselves and being smart enough to say NO WE CAN'T  we asked the landlord, repeatedly so he comes over with a elderly gentleman to check. we already had a hole in the ceiling to check and see if we could have fixed it ourselves,  and there was a hole in the pipe . The 2 men check and decide that WE should cut a bigger hole for them and they'll put something over the hole to fix it. I don't care, whatever... FIX MY SINK!

We cut the hole ( Bean had happy fun time with the hammer that day ) and the landlord said OK I'll be there on Sat to fix it. OH JOY! I took my sink for granted but after bailing water out of it for 6 months doing dishes my arms are solid! ( Well, the right one is.) They come over on Sat and I looked at the old guy and pointed out a few rust spots on the pipe and asked "Will these be an issue?" He reached up with his thumb and pushed gently. *THUNK* it went right through. He turned and looked at me then simply said "Yes, I think they will be. You need a Plumber"


"I need a plumber? Well what are you?" I asked and again simple he says "Not a plumber." I looked at my landlord who was arguing about really needing a plumber. That didn't last long but we would have to wait a few more days.


Besides that we are trying to put on a Virtual Garage Sale! This is a work in progress but we're going to see if it works! I took me a whole day of trying to re-size a photo that I wanted to upload  I spent Saturday Update and trying to revamp my various Social Media pages ( what a chore ) I finally had to ask Sese to do it and in like 2 minutes she had it sorted for me. At least I try it before I have to call in the rescue team and that can be any of the kids!

Let me know if the text is too hard to read with the background or offer up an idea for me and we'll see if it works.

This must have been how my mom felt asking me to work the DVD player when she got her first one back in 1990 something.

I think that's it for now..that I can think of.

Have a great week!
See ya,

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