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Monday, May 12, 2014

A Mother's Work Is Never Done...No Really Never...

Hello Lovelies,

Yesterday was Mother's Day and it was very mellow for us around the house. Not that it wasn't a good one but I had to battle a Caffeine headache for most of the day. Since it was a headache from a lack of caffeine over the weekend I was hoping coffee would help but... that didn't work at all. It was one of those ones that you thought was a fully functioning with ache until you stand up and your head pounds so hard you feel sick and yet NOT a migraine. The only thing I thought we had in the house to take for it were T1's and I didn't want to take them because codeine knocks me right out, like sleeping leaning up against a door frame, drooling, snoring like a tug boat...out.

 My head had me parked on the couch, in my pj's for the day watching movies like Scott Pilgrim Saves the World, Blade Trinity, Resident Evil 3 and 4 and finally Res Evil Damnation until Bean let me know she had Aspirin! Aspirin! I haven't taken that since I was a kid and it was the tiny little orangy children's Aspirin that tasted absolutely awful yet still a loving childhood memory for me of when my mom used to take care of me.

Brat...make your mother suffer all day!! That's OK you're forgiven because you ended up taking care of me!

Despite that I was in pretty good long as I laid perfectly still, only moved my eyes and didn't laugh.
Which was hard because the girls make me laugh everyday and laughing is good for the soul. Sese and her strange little dances and hair pets as she offered to make me food...and she can't cook so that was a big thing!

My kids are also not opposed to making me suffer every once in while. OK that and the stupid clown picture that is circulating Face book of the IT Clown, creepiest F*****G thing EVER! that my girls both, at separate times mind you, tagged to me because they know I HATE CLOWNS! Two other people caught me with the same clown previously too. They scare me to death and yes I know, Clowns are happy they bring smiles! Bullshit! Their smiles are creepy, their shoes are too big and those noses...deadly!! (As per Killer Clowns From Outer Space) and a car should never fit that many creepy ass, big haired serial killers. Even Ronald McDonald creeped me out as a kid and where is he now huh?

 No thanks...I'll pass and you forever suck for torturing your mother with that but I love you anyway.

By the time I felt better it was late in the day but I was back to yelling at the dogs, drinking cup after cup of coffee and fending off a serious craving for Nachos.

The day was all I wanted even in sickness and they produced the smiles for me and stimulating conversations about hair and potential zombie apocalypses.

Don't ask...

I hope all of you other mother's had a fabulous day!

See ya

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