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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy Friday! Creepy Crawlies Oh My!

Morning! It's Friday so Happy Friday to everyone!

We're gearing up for a Halloween party for the kids next weekend and it should be fun...well I hope it's fun for them. I've heard about and seen a costume or two and I have to say that 1 in particular had me giggling already. Remember the blueberry kid from Charlie and the chocolate factory? That is completely what this costume reminds me of. So bring it kidlets!

We have a couple of new additions to the house via Bean and Allan. Some time ago they got a Rose haired Tarantula, Bellatrix is her name but she's aggressive so we can't really touch her, but she's pink! This is the daughter who wouldn't go to sleep at night until I killed the tiny little spider in the corner of her room now she has one almost as big as her fist. After that she had a spider infatuation and bought 2 more and orange something or other that is cool, hand trained and slow...very slow. Until the sex it, it's name is Curly, plus a teeny tiny one I named Bitty but she didn't make it. The night before last the brought home a snake. A baby Pastel Ball Python, good grief it can grow to be about 5 feet long but it's SO COOL! It might eat my cats one day but, I like her and she likes me although we don't know what it is yet I'm feeling girly snake.

Now my oldest wants one and my roommate still wants a squirrel. Even more so now. I think I get a squirrel request almost once a day now, I've changed her ring tone to chittering squirrels and the answer is still NO. 3 dogs, 3 cats, 3 fire belly toads, 2 spiders, 1 snake and a hedgehog. If you count the crickets used to feed the toads and the spiders we have a whole lot going on here. Oh and if you count the family of Raccoon's and the Skunks we still have around, it's crazy!

So besides that fact that it took Bean 18 years to get into all of the creepy crawly things and now she fights Wolf spiders in a jar... ( Weird ass thing to do ) her new interests are pretty cool and the snake is oddly calming.

Grand baby boy has been entered in a Gerber baby contest and I hope he wins because he's the cutest thing ever!

Sese got to go see the Bates Motel set!


The past 6 weeks of premieres has overloaded my PVR with my existing shows and new ones like Hostages, American Horror Story Coven, The Walking Dead! OMG the countdown was on for that one, Supernatural and so many more!

What shows do you like? Which ones impressed or disappointed you?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Have a good Friday!

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