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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy Days Will Be Here Again!

Hello Lovelies!

OK I'm not really sure if they are here again but things are looking up...sort of...depending on how you look at it! For me that means I have already wrote off winter and am looking forward to Spring, with sunny skies and happy faces.

Cause we all need some cheering up sometimes!

This is not that time...

I usually don't let work stress get to me, it's easy not too because I work with good people. The ones that aren't so good though are the ones that stress me out. Throw them on top of rude commuters and you have a complete shit show!


The 3 woman that shoulder check people out of the way so the 3 of them can stay together in line..really, must you everyday? You'll be up or down the escalator in less than 60 seconds, get a grip.

The people that stand behind you and poke you in the back when you're already moving as fast as the person in front of you? If I have to turn around, you'll get poked...right in the eye. ( even though I have eye issues and I hope that's your umbrella)

Stress is bad for the soul especially a soul that will go to HELL for raging about personal space issues or the person that butts in front of you in line at Starbucks when all your trying to do it get the Venti Soy Vanilla Latte Ex Hot that you have come to love!


you know that person that stands so close to you that you are highly uncomfortable? Ya that person...back off.

Wait I was talking about being cheery right??? I lost that somewhere but you know what I mean.

So looking to the bright cheery future...a lot of you know that I don't have a drivers license, not yet anyway and I've had my learners for oh...say...about...14 almost 15 years. So long that I have a 40% discount on insurance and I don't drive.

That's all about to change though...! By my __th birthday ( ahem ) I will finally get my license and join the mobile community thus increasing my carbon footprint where is hasn't existed much and instead of commuter or pedestrian raging I will be a calm and observant driver!

Oh you know me so well...

I'll try not to make my posts too far apart. It's RRSP season at work so it's crazy all the time and all I want to do when I get home is grab a bottle of whiskey and sit in my bathtub watching the UK version of Shameless until it all goes away.

hmmm a bit dramatic but you get it!

See ya soon!

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