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Monday, August 22, 2011

The ongoing question of parenting.

As I've said previously we have a new addition to our house. Tasha has been with us about 2 months now and she is a good kid so far and I can't fathom why anyone would give up their child. I know some people have reasons and some of those reasons make sense but a 15/16 yr old girl will always baffle me.

We had a bit of an issue with T needing to go to the dentist which is a usual process for me but seeing as her mother is still legally responsible for her I made it her issue to deal with...that went well! After that her mom was done with everything so she said but the kicker is that she was actually willing to sign over legal gaurdianship of her daughter to me ( at first ). I feel like that's kinda crazy but you know what... at least somebody wants her. I couldn't imagine not knowing where my kid was and you know it's one thing if your child leaves on their own because in a situation like that you feel like you have no control, To willingly kick you 15/16yr old daughter out on the street is a different story. I know I've said this before but I find it so maddening.

Now her mother has decided that she doesn't want to sign over guardianship for reason that have nothing to do with unconditionally loving her kid. It was just a conversation that Mat and I were having and T took the ball and ran with it. It's a big step and if she didn't at least think about it on some level I would have been disgusted really I was still disgusted but whatever.

It's funny to see how T reacts to knowing someone cares about her and what she does. I do keep in mind that I don't know everything that led up to her being put out of her house but I don't really care either. Someone helped me when I was that age and I left home on my own but my mother would NEVER sign away her rights to me EVER no matter what happened and that must be where I got that from. I know all kids are different and all parents as well but for someone like me that never anticipated having kids... period now I have 3 and didn't have to gain weight or potty train the 3rd one. That's a bonus...

 Not bad but I remember why I didn't want 3 girls that's for sure, less time for bathroom use ( even though we have 2 ) it seems the upstairs one is for girls only and when PMS hits it's like a tornado with a tazmanian devil on a sugar high all rolled into 1 crazy freak fest. On the plus side they know so many boys that I'll get a serrogate son somehow to balance out the estrogen level for the only man of the house. Apperently all of the male animals don't count...

I do wonder what will happen when school starts, how this will all work out but choose to just roll with it and see.

This post has taken forever for me to write because things keep happening at lightning speed and I can't keep up! Teenagers, writing the script, teenagers, family from up North coming to visit, teenage boys, the car shows, the new tattoo and more teenagers... I could go on forever but figure I should post this and then start another one. I do have to say that the scriptwriting has been my main focus since deciding to go for it and I'll post updates as I go along.

As for T, we took you on so make us proud
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