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The Just Try It List

This list is being put together on a continuous basis.

Me and a few friends started to put a list together years ago but times have changed and frankly I don't remember what was on the list anyway so we're starting it over! This gives me a place to put this stuff besides on a napkin like it was before and is why I don't remember a thing what was on it.

Some of these things are just stuff we've always wanted to do but chicken out of for instance...

  1.  Jumping out of a plane. ( I will be watching someone else do that )
  2.  Zip Lining 
  3. Trying new foods! ( On going )
  4. Learn how to edit a video. (I'm sure my kids will show me.) Still a work in progress...
  5. Go to Comic Con!!
  6. Control my obsession with plants.
  7. Complete the Photo Project
  8. Hiking
  9. Cosplay at Fan Expo
  10. Write a Novel
  11. Grab a strangers butt
  12. Get my license (eventually)
  13. Take a Self Defense Class
  14. Ride a Motorcycle
  15. Own a Motorcycle
  16. Remember what it's like to ride a horse.
  17. Make it to Georgia
  18. Jamaica
  19. Ireland and the UK
  20. Amsterdam

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