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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Not By The Hair Of My Chinny Chin Chin!

It's that time again!

The weather has been so exceptionally nice that I haven't really sat down at the computer for awhile. While still Instagraming ( because I'm addicted to it, that's why the photo challenge I started has failed) and maintaining other social media I haven't spent much time writing and that's the thing I love to do!

So what's happened...?

Choo and I went to the City and Colour concert here in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago and it was fun night! Baking hot during the day and they put lids on the beer but keep the ones from your water bottle. We even ran into people we knew there in the midst all of the people.

With the collective help of the house and neighbours we finally have California and Smokey on some level of acceptance within the pack.

It's simple...Smokey must accept that Cali doesn't want him anywhere near her.

Went to a Bridal Shower for one of my best friends who is the hardest person ever to surprise and I think I might have...sort of. She's a tough cookie but there's a gooey center in there! Her niece was the comic relief that day in all of her cuteness.

Found out a neighbour was going to purchase a rabbit for his dog ( beagle) to kill...WTF??? People, I don't get it! I completely understand that some people use their dogs for hunting but...we're in the city and you want to trap it so it can't escape. The interesting thing was seeing how the guys reacted to it compared to how the women reacted.

Yes we love small furry animals and big Pitbulls that scare the crap out of you when he barks at a car honking. That just happened and I think I peed a little.

The general male consensus was " meh it's none of our business" while the general female one was to pen up the neighbour and have something much larger chase him.

(That was the nicest one)

Now for the record our outrage was definitely noted and we have no idea if they went through with it and after our very open disgust I don't think we'll ever know.

Deciding to get into some form of shape was a laugh fest! I bought this torture device called an Ab Roller. It's literally 2 wheels, a bar and my abs screamed at me the first time I used it. Watching B use it had me laughing so hard I almost fell off the couch and then it was my turn.

I almost returned it! B decided to use it when I was at the Bridal Shower and the next thing I knew I had a text message saying that my kid had hurt herself and split open her chin... The Ab Roller had drawn first blood.

How you ask? Well the Ab Roller is used while you are on your knees and you roll it back and forth engaging your core...simple enough? Well B "forgot" that she was supposed to be on her knees and tried to do it from a push up position. When she pulled back the wheels rolled under her and she slammed right onto her chin. The shit happens when I'm not home and with Craig here at the time the onslaught of jokes began,

1) Chin up B!
2) Chinny Chinny Bang Bang
3) Let's watch the Chinning!

Oh the list went on...and on. He did say she took the hit well considering he figured she should have been knocked out. Thank god she wasn't.

The Zoo itself is always entertaining!

That's all for now Lovelies everything will be updated and I'll be back soon!

See ya!

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