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Monday, May 13, 2013

Not Average at All

Missed you last week guys...Sorry!

It was a tough week. Last Monday my office let go of a co-worker that was truly loved by the office. She was the new employee welcome wagon and friend to furry creatures everywhere ( as you can tell from her Intsagram photos ) after 4 years POOF she's gone.

While a few of us spent the week sulking and raging at her leaving, we quietly packed up her desk and got her things shipped to her ( Sad isn't it? ) the shock finally wore off and thus we had to being spinning the tragedy into something positive!

Like she has time to...

1) Take photos of her pets!
2) Drive her oldest daughter completely insane with her presence ( best part ever! )
3) Take more photos of her pets
4) Sleep in
5) Relax and plan the next phase ( change is good, go with it! )
6) Dress her dog in her cloths and yes take pics!

With everything we have today it's not like she's going to be far away. Miss you D-Rock! If you want to see the dog photo go to Aimlessly Average because yes she really did that.

This weekend was our towns annual May Day Parade and Fair! Peanut and apparently T's first real parade. Every year it gives us a chance to see those people that we don't see often and connect with our community. That goes as far as waving and nodding with simple pleasantries because every 10 seconds you see someone you haven't seen in a long time.

Peanut did so well! The only thing that even remotely freaked him out was the Firetruck siren and with that 3 people immediately came to his aid. One covering his ears, daddy Craig holding him whispering comfort and another with her hand on his chest to soothe him while I grabbed my camera and a shot of the disgruntled baby. After the parade it was off to the fair to check out all of the rides the kids thought were so much bigger when they were smaller. The weather held out and so did my twitter feed and my Instagram account with all of the activity.

I owe you 2 pics this time as part of the 52 week thingy so my pic from last week and this week will be posted today.

Click the tab up top to see.

See ya!

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